How To Enhance Your Smile With A Dental Crown

How To Enhance Your Smile With A Dental Crown

Sep 02, 2021

Not being able to smile and speak boldly in public due to missing, chipped, broken or cracked teeth can be a dilemma. Apart from the clothes and shoes we wear, our dental region also gives off an impression about us. Do not feel embarrassed, dental mishaps can happen to anybody and sometimes can’t be prevented. Fortunately, various dental procedures can cure dental health problems. If you have a cracked, broken, or misplaced tooth, you can make use of dental crowns to restore your teeth’ structure and improve your smile.

Dental crowns or teeth crowns are custom-made dental appliances used to wrap and replace a natural damaged or misplaced tooth. They give strength and structure to the affected tooth. Sometimes people often make use of dental crowns after they have gotten a dental filling but are not happy with the outcome and need something that can give a better natural look. Also, the use of dental crowns can be associated with the prevention of additional damages that can be caused by decay and infection. Once a tooth loses its strength and wears off due to some dental irregularities, a dental cap can be used to support the tooth. For instance, people who undergo root canal treatment and always advised to make use of a dental crown to help protect the tooth’s structure and give strength to the tooth.

Reasons Why You Need A Dental Cap

If you’re thinking about why you should use another dental procedure, you should probably check out for reasons why a dental cap might be the best solution for you before making a decision. Also, your dentist is in the best position to help you with that decision as well. The following are the reasons why you might need a dental crown

  • Dental crowns or teeth caps can help cure talking problems that are caused by a chipped or broken tooth. When a person’s tooth is broken or chipped, they might have issues when talking or eating. This is why a crown is needed to help the teeth function properly.
  • Dental crowns can reduce your teeth’ vulnerability to decay. Generally, the enamel (the tooth outer surface) protects decay from getting deep into the tooth’ root (center of the tooth) but when a crown is added to the tooth, it makes it difficult for germs and bacteria to penetrate deep into the tooth.
  • Apart from its restorative features, dental crowns can be used to beautify the dental structure. A cracked or misplaced tooth can jeopardize a person’s facial appearance. The use of dental crowns will restore your facial structure and improve your smile.
  • Also, you can support a dental implant, denture, or dental bridge with the help of a dental crown.

Are Dental Crowns Manufactured In Different Types?

Of course! Dental crowns consist of different types and shades that can fit your teeth’ color and shape. Everyone has a different type of mouth shape and structure. Dental crowns are made after the dentist has taken an impression of your mouth and made the crown fit in properly. Patients are given the chance to pick their preferred dental cap. However, the dentist’s recommendation should not be exempted when thinking about what kind of dental cap you require. Dental crowns differ in durability, cost, and features. You can get any type of dental crowns in Fanwood, New Jersey.

Metal Dental Crown: Before the emergence of modern varieties of dental crowns, metal caps were very popular and the most used. They are either made of gold or silver. They are very strong and durable. Patients who suffer from bruxism (habitual grinding of the teeth) are advised to go for metal crowns since they can’t get worn out easily. However, most people don’t prefer metal crowns because of their looks. They are not often used for cosmetics purposes because they make it obvious for others to notice a teeth crown on your teeth.

CEREC Dental Crown: Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic (CEREC) dental caps are the freshest dental appliance. Day by day the dental world is getting advanced and coming up with better ways to improve dental health. CEREC dental crown is a type of cosmetic dental crown. It is durable and very fast. Unlike metal crowns which take about 12 days to be manufactured, CEREC crowns can be applied in just one visit to the dentist. They are made up of ceramic and resin materials which give the teeth a natural look. Unlike metal crowns, CEREC crowns look just like actual teeth. You can get your CEREC dental caps or dental crowns in Fanwood, New Jersey.

All-Porcelain Dental Crown: Just like CEREC crowns, all-porcelain crowns look like natural teeth. Although they are not quickly manufactured like CEREC crowns. They are also used for aesthetic reasons too. However, patients who suffer from bruxism are not advised to go for this type of crown cause they can easily wear off over time.

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