Dental Crowns in Fanwood, NJ

Fanwood Family and Cosmetic Dentistry provides high-quality crowns that blend seamlessly with your natural smile. If you have a severely decayed or otherwise damaged tooth, a crown restoration may be the right treatment for you. Your Fanwood, NJ dentist may recommend a crown to cover, protect, and restore a cracked, chipped, or misshaped tooth. Dental crowns also cover implants and support tooth bridges.

What Are Crown Restorations?

A dental crown is a custom-shaped cap made to surround the visible portion of a damaged tooth. Once snuggly in place, a tooth crown provides protection and improves strength, size, and aesthetic appeal. Since the restoration serves as replacement enamel, you can once again eat, smile, and speak with confidence. Coming to Fanwood Family and Cosmetic Dentistry for a dental crown in Fanwood, NJ means getting attractive, durable restorations that look and function just like your natural teeth.

The Dental Crown Procedure

The process of placing a crown is simple at Fanwood Dental. Our experienced team will gently prepare the affected tooth. This step involves removing a tiny portion of the enamel to make room for a temporary crown.

Then, a mouth impression is taken and sent off to an outside lab. Here your crown is created according to the exact specifications of your natural tooth. A temporary crown is placed to protect the prepared tooth until the permanent restoration is ready.

When the crown is finished, your Fanwood, NJ dentist will remove the temporary crown at a second visit. At this time, your new restoration will be bonded permanently over the treated tooth.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

There are many advantages to choosing a dental crown to restore or improve your smile, such as:

  • With proper care dental crowns are long-lasting
  • Crowns are strong, durable and easy to place
  • Once bonded a crown will protect again further fracture, decay, and infection
  • Dental crowns improve your ability to chew and speak properly
  • No recovery time is needed
  • Crowns save damaged teeth that would otherwise be extracted

Choose Fanwood Family and Cosmetic Dentistry for Your New Dental Crown

The Fanwood Family and Cosmetic Dentistry team design and place durable, custom restorations. Not only are our crowns stable, but they also look and feel like your natural teeth. So, if you are unhappy with one or more severely decayed or damaged teeth, let us help. Contact our Fanwood, NJ dental office today.

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