TMJ/TMD Treatment in Fanwood, NJ

Are you suffering from pain in your jaw? Do you find yourself having difficulty opening and closing your mouth? If so, there’s a good possibility that you’re dealing with TMJ or TMD. Don’t allow this to continue any longer. Here at Fanwood Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we will present you with treatment options and work to resolve your needs. Come visit our talented team in Fanwood, NJ. You’ll be glad you did.

What Is It?

TMJ, or the temporomandibular joint, is responsible for connecting your skull and jaw. It’s also the reason you can open and close your mouth. TMD, or temporomandibular disorder, occurs when there are problems with the jaw joint. This also includes its muscles and teeth contact.

There are many symptoms that accompany these issues. Patients will often complain of pain or their jaw locking in place. You may also hear abnormal clicking sounds upon movement and even swelling of the face.

Migraines are also a symptom of TMD. Headaches and migraine pain could be caused by the muscles that move your jaw. When you clench or grind your teeth, your jaw muscles tighten. The pain that results from your clenched jaw can travel to other places in the skull, which can result in headaches and even migraines.

Who Needs TMJ/TMD Treatment?

There are some instances where TMJ/TMD will go away on its own. No treatment is necessary, and patients may go about their everyday lives. However, if symptoms continue and don’t show any signs of improvement, your doctor may choose treatment.

Pain medications and anti-inflammatories are generally prescribed to alleviate pain when traditional, low-strength medications aren’t working. Muscle relaxants are sometimes ideal for TMJ, as they relieve muscle spasms in the jaw.

Used either separately or in conjunction with medication, mouth guards, and splints may be recommended. Physical therapy may assist greatly in reducing symptoms by exercising the jaw muscles.

There are times when medications and therapy prove to be ineffective, in which case you may need your jaw surgically repaired to remedy your TMJ/TMD. Less invasive options can include injections or draining. More extreme cases can call for open-joint surgery or direct repair of the mandible.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

The causes of your symptoms will influence your treatment time. Treatment time also depends on how well your jaw responds to the treatment method. Treating TMJ with therapy could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few years.

Surgeries often require several weeks for the patient to fully heal. You’ll need close to 2 months for complete relief. More complex surgeries can take up to several months for completion.

Please consult with our dentist in Fanwood, NJ, to assess your unique situation. Dr. Parikh can give you a better idea of what to expect in terms of treatment time after analyzing your symptoms.

If you or a loved one is interested in exploring their options for TMJ/TMD treatment, we would be happy to help. Please give Fanwood Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Fanwood, NJ, a call. We will gladly schedule an appointment to examine your symptoms and discuss treatment options.

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