Tooth Extraction in Fanwood, NJ

One of the most common reasons patients require extractions is because their wisdom teeth are impacted. However, there are other reasons why teeth must be removed.

Besides impaction, the leading causes of extractions include tooth decay and infection. Also, patients preparing for orthodontic treatment may need to have one or more teeth taken out. This is done to provide enough space as the braces shift teeth into their proper positions. Additionally, patients in the process of receiving an organ transplant or chemotherapy will need to have damaged teeth removed. The purpose is to ensure optimal health prior to these procedures. To learn more or to schedule a dental exam, call Fanwood Family and Cosmetic Dentistry today.

Painless Tooth Removal

Today, tooth removal is easier than ever. The procedure is either performed by your Fanwood, NJ dentist, or an oral surgeon. It depends on whether it is a simple or surgical extraction. Furthermore, it can be completed quickly and without pain in most cases. This is due to the assistance of modern sedation dentistry options.

Prior to the procedure, x-rays will be taken, and a comprehensive dental exam will be performed. At this time, any medications, either prescribed or over the counter, should be noted. Other medical conditions such as diabetes, a compromised immune system, thyroid disease, and liver disease should also be bought up to your dentist. If active infection is present, antibiotics will be prescribed prior to the extraction.

Post Extraction Care

The type of anesthesia used will dictate your instructions before the procedure. For example, you might not be able to eat or drink for several hours prior to the extraction.

Smoking cigarettes is strongly discouraged before and for a few days after your tooth removal appointment. Also, you are encouraged to arrange a ride home on that day. This is especially important if you will be put under general anesthesia.

Follow your post-op instructions and take any medication as prescribed. An ice pack placed on the cheek will help reduce swelling.

Please contact Fanwood Family and Cosmetic Dentistry as soon as possible if you experience high fever and pain several days after the extraction.

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