Top 7 Amazing Benefits of Preventive Dentistry

Top 7 Amazing Benefits of Preventive Dentistry

Aug 01, 2022

You are likely acquainted with the adage that states the value of prevention. The principle still rings true when it comes to your oral health. Preventive dentistry will always save you a ton of “heartache” that would easily be averted. That’s why our dentist in Fanwood, NJ, offers preventive dental care to ensure that your oral health is on point.

Your overall health will always be affected by the state of your oral health. If you practice excellent dental care, you can ensure that your oral health will be okay and that your gums and teeth will be robust.

However, most people spend lots of hours in the dentist’s chair simply because they undervalue preventive dentistry’s benefits. Without further ado, let’s check out the benefits you will reap from preventive dental services.

Benefits of Preventive Dental Services

Preventive dental care describes a host of services available at our dental clinic to maintain and enhance your oral health. Here are some of the top benefits:

  1. Prevents Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is not uncommon, especially in kids. However, scores of adults have tooth decay because of poor oral hygiene, poor flossing and brushing techniques, poor diet, and missing dental appointments.

You should not take tooth decay lightly since they have a knack for destroying the tooth causing tooth loss.

But if you visit our dentist near you for regular checkups, you can take advantage of cleanings, fluoride treatment, and other preventive services to ensure that plaque and tartar don’t build up. Plaque and tartar are the main culprits that cause decay. So when our dentist cleans your teeth, tooth decay is kept at bay.

  1. Prevents Gum Disease

Periodontal disease is a severe oral disease that affects the gums, connective tissue, and bones that secure the teeth. Just like tooth decay, gum disease is also caused by the accumulation of plaque and tartar along the gum line.

When gum disease remains untreated, it can cause gum recession, bone deterioration, and tooth loss. But our dentist can catch gum disease during its initial stages and clean your teeth, thus reversing the disease.

  1. Avoid Severe Overall Health Issues

It is possible that you might develop oral health issues that might affect your overall health. Your oral health and overall well-being are connected. A simple thing such as a tooth infection can spread into the bloodstream, and you might develop health complications.

On the other hand, there are overall health problems that tend to show symptoms in your oral cavity. These are issues that our dentist might help diagnose and help you maintain your overall health.

  1. Less Invasive Care

Preventive dental care is not invasive since there is no problem being solved. It is just maintenance of your oral health. But if you come for restorative treatment, you are bound to receive more invasive treatments, depending on the severity of your dental issue.

  1. Catch Jaw Problems

Jaw problems may develop subtly, and you might not be able to notice them. You might not know this, but teeth grinding may cause a lot of strain on the jaw, and you might develop a temporomandibular joint disorder.

If these issues are caught early, our dentist can carry out preventive care to ensure that the problem doesn’t escalate.

  1. Prevents Injuries

If you are physically active, preventive dental care near you will greatly benefit you. You will get customized mouthguards that will cushion the teeth against trauma.

  1. Saves Money

Isn’t it fantastic to know that seeking preventive dental care will save you a buck? Always when you err on the side of caution, you will save some money. It might not be at the onset, but the coins will start adding up somewhere along the line.

It always costs more to treat than to prevent an issue from arising. Gum disease can lead to multiple tooth loss, tooth decay can cause you to lose plenty of teeth, and the list goes on. The cost of replacing a missing tooth pales in comparison to getting your teeth cleaned. Getting a crown is way more expensive than receiving fluoride treatment.

What’s more, most insurance companies (if not all of them) cover preventive dental care. But they differ when it comes to restorative treatment.

Preventive dental care is the way to go. So, if you need cosmetic and preventive dentistry, contact us at Fanwood Family and Cosmetic Dentistry to schedule an appointment.

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