Why Is Preventive Dental Care an Important Part of Caring for Your Teeth?

Why Is Preventive Dental Care an Important Part of Caring for Your Teeth?

Aug 02, 2021

The only way to preserve anything in a perfect state is by regularly maintaining it. The same applies to dental health. The only way to ensure that you continually excel in dental health is by monitoring and maintaining it. To achieve this, however, you cannot do it alone at home. You need the intervention of a dentist at least every three months or so. It is why preventive dental care in Fanwood, NJ exists, for both children and adults.

Even so, preventive dental care is there to support your own efforts in taking care of your oral health. It is in no way a substitute for dental care at home but rather a compliment.

What Is Preventive Dentistry?

It is a branch of dentistry that majors in preventive dental care as the primary service for patients. Ideally, preventive dentistry offers proactive dental measures that help preserve the oral health of patients. The goal of professional preventive dental care is to ensure that patients do not need restorative or curative measures for their oral cavities, since their oral health is excellent at all times.

Although modern dentistry seems to have a solution to almost any dental issue you may have, preventive dentistry is there to ensure that there are no problems to fix in the first place. Many of the processes, therefore, will focus on minimizing risks.

Importance of Preventive Care

When dental experts ask you to go for a dental visit, it is not necessarily to treat your diseased teeth or any other infection. In fact, even when there is nothing wrong with your teeth, you should still see a dentist. The reason why this is important is because of preventive care that presents the following benefits:

  • Protecting your teeth from dental cavities – different preventive dental procedures can help protect your teeth from the bacteria that cause dental decay. One involves professional dental cleaning. Such a service will ensure that there is no plaque or tartar on your teeth, which are responsible for dental decay. Other than that, you can benefit from fluoride treatment, which creates an extra layer on your teeth to prevent your enamel from decaying. For children and sometimes even adults, dental sealants are also very reliable for protecting the back teeth from decay. They fill the pits and fissures of molars and premolars, therefore, inhibiting bacteria from undermining the health of your enamels.
  • Protecting your gums from infections – procedures like root planing, scaling, and professional dental cleanings ensure that there are no bacteria in any corners of your mouth. This way, you do not have to worry about mouth sores, bleeding gums, and other signs of infections on your gum tissue.
  • Sensitizing you on the importance of proper oral hygiene – you will never have to feel burdened about cleaning your mouth once you understand how crucial it is to keep your mouth clean. Dental experts take time to sensitize patients and even train them on how to properly clean their mouths. This ranges from the right equipment to use, how to do it right, as well as how often to do it.
  • Detecting and treating dental issues early – in medicine, finding a problem early is the best way to ensure it is treated and mitigated before there are permanent damages to your health. The same applies to dental care. Regular dental exams with your dentist are the key to detecting, diagnosing, and treating dental issues in their early stages, even before you have any significant symptoms to consider. For example, if you had oral cancer, wouldn’t you want to find out about it as early as possible?
  • To preserve your general health – dentists do not care for your mouth as an independent entity but as part of your entire body. It is why dental experts will also be keen to identify other health issues you may have, whether or not they are directly related to your oral cavity. For example, did you know that a dentist can detect and diagnose sleep apnea which is a sleeping disorder? Aside from that, your dentist can also help preserve your general health by giving actionable advice regarding your nutritional choices. This way, you can avoid issues like diabetes, obesity, to mention a few, all while preserving your oral health.
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